Sunday, May 5, 2019

Peter's Own Divine Mercy Sunday

1) Did you grow up hearing that the threefold "Do you love me?" was Jesus letting Peter take back his denials?

2) Did you grow up hearing that the Greek words for love (philia and agape) both get used in this passage showing a disconnect between Peter and Jesus?

3) Did you (wrongly) get told that Peter finally catches on and tells Jesus that Yes, he agape-loves him?

Well, it's time we clear up that confusion, learn that actually Jesus comes down to Peter's lower love, and see that this makes total sense of the next line about how Peter is not yet ready to love Jesus unconditionally, to the end. And that Jesus, in his mercy not only doesn't punish for sins but also doesn't punish for our slowness to grow in virtue, provided we listen when he says, "Follow me."

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