Tuesday, November 6, 2012

St. Cecilia HS Mass Homily—Prayers on Election Day

Alrighty. No more instruction, no more principles, no more direction—just prayers.  
Thanksgiving for the great country we've been given, Contrition for the faults and failings we have, Supplication for what we need now. 

Nondenominational, nonpartisan, disinterested. (Or as close as I can get to disinterested.)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

5 Myths About "Catholic Voting" Debunked

Don't want to slog through three weeks of Fr. Faulkner homilies? Or even one 25-minute homi-monster?  I don't blame ya!  Get the short, summarized reiteration which I gave tonight for the Hastings College evening Mass.  

Click here to listen or download! (13.5 minutes)

To download, right-click on the "3.3 MB" underneath the "Apple Lossless Audio" in the lower right corner of the link's page. To stream and listen, left-click that same "3.4 MB" link or the Play Arrow in the upper right corner.

This is less detailed—though perhaps more palatable—than last week's, with its extensive discussion of the Principle of Double Effect homily.  It also answers more directly some the the objections most often raised to applying moral principles to the voting process.

(But if you like it and want more philosophy, click here for the biggie.)