Monday, April 17, 2017

People Don't Die For What They Made Up

If you have followed this blog previously, you've heard this homily. It is my standard homily for the first Easter in a parish. But it never really gets old because Christians constantly lets the rest of the world "tell our story", and in this case we've let people tell us that the only reason to follow Jesus and the Church He founded is blind, servile faith. So here it is again, in a new church, with a few new crying babies. (Luckily you can still hear the Bible leave the hand of the exasperated pastor and whoosh by the microphone at 5:16, and hit the ground a second later.) So far the best compliment I've received was from a  mother and daughter who said , "That was fourteen minutes? That didn't feel like fourteen minutes." I'll take it!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Two Women of Lent

Two Lenten homilies about two important women: the woman at the well and Martha the sister of Lazarus. These are late getting posted thanks to tech issues, but may be good going into Holy Week.

3rd: Woman at the Well
5th: Martha and Lazarus' Raising