Sunday, June 16, 2024

A Short Survey of Second Corinthians

So many great letters by St. Paul for so many situations. You need encouragement? Read Philippians. Frustrated by imperfection in your church? Compare with 1st Corinthians. Kind of a masochist and like being yelled at? Try Galatians. Such variety, something for everyone. 

2nd Corinthians asks, "What about when you feel like you've lost everything you relied on: your friends, your health, even the very sense of hope itself? When your life turns into Job chapters 1-2, where do you turn? Where would a person who felt they could do nothing else to advance the kingdom of God look to find purpose and hope?"

Paul thought he knew the power of Christ's cross, but it wasn't until he felt he had himself been pressed, crush, persecuted, and abandoned, in imitation of Him, that he saw himself as being fully The Messiah's Man. A strong and eloquent traveling evangelist is good. A wounded, discouraged, tongue-tied beggar is an even better ambassador for the crucified messiah.