Thursday, June 18, 2020

Worship the Trinity, Get Owned by the Eucharist

I've been lax on getting Sunday homilies shared here, so here are the last two weekends'. First up is Trinity Sunday's (June 7) which also had the distinction of being the occasion of the first Solemn High Mass (i.e. in the Extraordinary Form, aka the Traditional Latin Mass) in 50+ years. There are some cool overlaps in the two celebrations, especially regarding mystery and wonder. And then the one from Corpus Christi (June 14) is from the Ordinary Form Mass on Sunday evening. It talks a bit about the history of the last decades about fighting over "Who owns the Eucharist?" when the thing that matters is being owned by Jesus in the Eucharist. And then the picture below both audio players is from the Solemn Mass, which wonderfully highlights both the literal Corpus Christi (the Body of Christ) in the visual setting of our church's spectacular divine Trinity image, Trinity Sunday.