Monday, November 28, 2011

Better, yet....Try this...

Ok.  I think this'll work.  It'll take you to my stuff on a non-profit media causes webpage called ""

Give it a second and it'll pop up a grey streaming audio bar near the top.  This lets you listen to the talk while it's streaming it.  It can take awhile to load. 

If you want to download the file (it's 44 MB, 1.5 hours listening), a little ways down on the page you can click on "download original file" which sends you to its source page.  At the bottom of that page, you'll see a line like right below here.  That's the whole file.   Right click on the 47.3 MB, and choose "Save Target As..." and choose some place to save this for future use or for putting on a mp3 player etc.  Don't click the link on this blog post will download and play the whole thing (not streaming) and you'll tie up your computer for a half hour or so.

20111122194925.m4a 43.7 MB

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  1. I just tried it again, and it looks like it's taking a long time to load the player. May be best to just download and listen on a media player or mp3 player.