Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter—If It's False, We're So Dead. And I'm SO gone.

Yesterday I posted the three Steps for a foundation for a reasonable Christian faith. Today, Easter, is the Four Step.  If it's a lie, everything said previous is irrelevant.  If it's true, it verifies and solidifies the other parts.  But we have strong, solid reasons to believe that one Man did indeed rise from the death, and this, in turn, changes everything.  I will post a written version of the homily later on.

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Easter is not just about blind faith.  Christians have real reasons to believe in the Resurrection, even if they have forgotten them or think that "just believing" is somehow more noble.  Likewise, non-believers ridicule believers as brainless, credulous, superstitious dolts.  The Resurrection is believable because its reasonable.  Everything hinges on the Apostles, and what we really believe men are likely to do in a series of crises.  

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