Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two Wrongs, a Right, & the Dark Knight

So...I've been away from posting homilies and other bloggery for a good long time. I apologize for the delay. I've also got several homilies backlogged from the summer I'll put up eventually.

This homily is actually from 2 weeks ago. It's part of a three-part series on the upcoming election. I'll post the next two homilies over the next couple of days.

Click here to listen or download! (16.5 minutes)
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This first homily focuses on the most prickly principle of moral debate, drawing on pop culture references—especially movies—that ask the perennial question: "Does the end ever justify the means?" 

At the center of the discussion is "The Dark Knight", the second of the contemporary Batman movies, and especially the role the Joker plays in trying, not merely to inflict pain and fear, but to get others to join him in ditching moral principles and claiming that the end does justifies the means.

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