Saturday, March 15, 2014

Genesis, Adam, Christ, and Creatureliness

Update: the audio published at 2:30pm, March 15 was actually the previous week's, pre-Lenten homily. The correct file was linked and embedded as of 5:30pm.

I haven't posted a homily in a long time. Maybe because each of the three times I give it is so different and at the end of a long Sunday the last thing I can stand to do is listen to myself give it again and discern which is the best one to upload. Seriously, the only thing worse than hearing yourself again is hearing yourself and noticing all the mistakes you made that make version A better than version B but less smooth, and version C the best but the hardest to hear. Ugh. 

So here was LAST Sunday's—the Temptation in the Desert preceded by Genesis and Romans. The majority of the time is actually spent on Genesis, because there is a lot of confusion on that stuff in Christian-land today.  

(If you'd like to download this instead of streaming, click here, and right-click where is says "3.9 MB" under "Apple Loseless Audio" and choose "Download linked file".)

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