Friday, April 25, 2014

Lenten Sacrifice, Easter Joy (Talk at UNK Newman Center)

Whatever the quality of the content, this talk is somewhat screwy due to the presenter's failures. I have wretched eye-sight, and while I make my font really big on my phone for reading my notes, I was squinting and misreading the quotes off a website for the Everyman's Way of the Cross and the Hebrews 2 quote—and that one was made worse because I was reading the verse off a site whose translation doesn't break the sentence at the verse, and so I was reading/rephrasing as I went. Finally, my "in-talk memory" is junk compared to memory when prepping, so I kind of murdered the final JP2 quote the first time through. Moral of the story: I should have copied and pasted all these to Notes beforehand. Grr... Oh well, it was a fun time. Thanks UNK Newman!

(To download this file instead of streaming it, click here and then right-click the "8.9 MB" underneath the words "Apple Lossless Audio" in the lower right of the new webpage.)

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