Thursday, September 29, 2016

Check Your Knowledge of Czech Saints

Czech. Irish. Mexican. Vietnamese. American. We come from somewhere. We speak a language (or several) and we eat certain foods and sing certain songs. We are from families, from nations, from cultures. 

We can love a universal faith and defend the rights of all peoples without sacrificing a love of home and a love of "ours". In fact, if done right, the greater the love and affection I have for what I know, the more I will appreciate what someone else loves from their own background. 

Around here, there are a lot of central European bloodlines. Czechs first, then Germans, and some Poles and Irish sprinkled in. But regardless of what is considered "the old country" we all do better when we have a home we love, teams we root for, and dishes we can count on at grandma's house. Love you history, love your heritage; they will help you love God and neighbor too.

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