Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Help! I lost a blog post!

If you are reading this blog post, AND if you are a subscriber to this blog, AND if your blog subscription sends you my posts via e-mail, I need your help.

I messed up and deleted the homily/blog post from April 22nd, "Jesus' Death Saves You... But Why?". Google and Blogger—for all their other infinite resources—do not have a way from them to recover accidental deletes. (Legal reasons? Private property? Snooping FBI?) Any way, the blog does not appear in Internet Archive or any other cache I know of. 

If you happen to be one of the rare people that gets the blog as an e-mail and has the text of it still, I would be forever grateful if you could share the text of it back with me. I can live with the loss of 30 odd hyperlinks etc. Please let me know!

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