Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Viganò Crisis and John Chapter 6

Last night, an 11-page bombshell letter from the former Papal Nuncio to America, Archbishop Viganò, detailed how a large number of Cardinals knew about the Cardinal McCarrick scandals and that Pope Francis undid the sanctions placed on McCarrick by Pope Benedict. We must be as prudent and patient as we have been with priest and bishop allegations, but this is a huge claim. It's intense and a little scary. If bishops and cardinals start picking sides the Jesus' Bride and Body facing even more marring and scarring. But that's all the more then why we need the words of Peter in John 6. We need to decide (like Joshua and Peter and Aquinas): do we stick with God because we reason that if Truth is not truthful then nothing else is true? Do we stick with the Bride of Christ in sickness and in health; in good times and in bad?

(I have to run for now; I will try to get a transcript up in the next 24 hours.)

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  1. Thanks Fr. Faulkner for posting all these. We are overseas right now and they are much appreciated!