Tuesday, March 26, 2019

3 Weeks Worth of Lent

Surgery and the flu. Technology problems. The misery of hearing one's own voice a lot. General sloth. These are all things that delay homilies getting posted. It would be nice if Lent avoided these. But it doesn't. So here is a pile of Lenten homilies:

1st Sunday of Lent: Frank Sheed on the temptation.

2nd Sunday of Lent: Abraham, our father in faith.

3rd Sunday of Lent: If you do not repent...

One comment I would add is that the homily for the 3rd Sunday is from the 7:30 AM Mass, and in other Masses I pointed out a few more connections to other readings. Like how the landowner would have chopped down the fig tree but will wait one year for it to essentially repent and turn away from its self-destructive path, which therefore parallels Jerusalem. And in later Masses I split the Pauline critique into: holding to our own agenda ~ the Exodus generation's grumbling and dying, and then, pride ~ thinking you're standing secure; take care not to fall. I also delved deeper into how last week's story of the call and covenant of Abraham, followed by this week's revelation of the Divine Name to Moses, would be reasons that the Jewish nation looked down on the Gentiles and focused on their election and (national) righteousness before God. These are the things that set up Judea's "perishing as they did" and constitute the lessons we can learn today about agendas and pride.

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